Key to Wonders
Key to wonders (Foshan) Creative Marketing Co., LTD belongs to the Tangla Lighting and Living Group and is the Key for many companies for their creative marketing. 

These marketing services are essential for the day-to-day operations, which is why Key To Wonders assist enterprises in innovating and growing through digitalization and visualization. Key to Wonders create immersive media for marketing and e-commerce in the form of photorealistic 3D models in combination with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360° environments and WebAR. Be at the cutting edge of innovation to leave a lasting impression and raise brand awareness.

Key To Wonders creates still or animated visual content using specialized software to promote an individual product or complete product range. This new way of working makes it possible to produce photorealistic imagery much faster than photography. So easier, faster and with infinite creative possibilities.

 Faster and easier than photography

Key to Wonders create photorealistic 3D model, with white background or a beautiful product lifestyle (without any photoshoots).

Endless customization

The customization with a multitude of views are endless. This will give your customers a clear idea of the ambiance and use of your productThe customization with a multitude of views are endless. This will give your customers a clear idea of the ambiance and use of your product.

Digital prototyping

Present your newest products to your customers before even produce a prototype, so you can test your market demand before launching. By doing this you can invest only when success is guaranteed.Present your newest products to your customers before even produce a prototype, so you can test your market demand before launching. By doing this you can invest only when success is guaranteed.

Professional sales presentations
Key to Wonders create amazing presentation materials that not only present but also sells your products.

Digital creation of your products can be used in all kinds of promotional campaigns. With your 3D model Key to Wonders can create any number of product shots and lifestyles, 360° product views, panoramas and 3D animations. In other words, 3D modeling is your Key To Wonders to boost online and offline sales and empowering social media marketing. And most importantly, 3D models are vital to ecommerce success with Augmented and Virtual Reality projects.


360° Product View 360° Innovative 3D solution for online retail customers to see the product from all sides. With our tool you do not need additional software, just use the standard browser and view the product from all sides, on a white background or in a beautiful interior. 360° view is especially in demand with platforms such as Amazon. This solution provides customer with more information than only images and makes it easier to get a purchase decision.

Key to Wonders create amazing marketing tools with influence and impact. They have ready-made solutions for any type of product promotion. The 3D professionals know exactly how to highlight the strengths of your product design and create a ambiance which will attract your customers. Key to Wonders have solutions for every scale and budget, and guarantee the best quality. They will prepare a clear workflow that is easy to understand and follow. Send us your projects so we can support you to get the results

NDA Protection

You can be completely confident in the safety of your information: before starting a project, we sign a Non-Disclosure agreement.

            -24/7 Support

            You can contact us at any time you need, even at 3 p.m. - our Client Managers will gladly help you.

            -KTW CRM

            With our CRM, you can always find all information on your projects in 1 place, and access it via laptop or phone.

            -Large team

            Our team includes 19 professional 3D Artists ready to take up your project at any time - regardless of its scale.

            -Corrections included

            We don’t rest until everything is perfect, so we wouldn’t charge you for helping us do that: corrections up to 60% of project size are free.

            -Satisfaction guarantee
            If you are unhappy with final results of the project, just let us know - and we’ll return your money within 30 days.


Our 4-steps workflow works easy and convenient: it is designed for people who multitask on a daily basis and need a reliable partner to delegate creation of visual materials. To begin with, you get as involved in the process as you like. That is, you can check the task progress whenever you need via phone or laptop, or forget all about it until results delivery: your Client Manager will make sure everything goes according to plan. And then, you always work with the same team who learns your preferences - no need for new explanations every project.

 Step 1: Contact us for a pilot
You apply for a pilot project through our website or just call us by phone, send us your company details and the necessary specifications and we start.

 Step 2: Upload your project details
You send us the product information and specifications and for faster results: 3D models, photos, drawings.

 Step 3: Workflow process
We keep you informed about the progress of your project.

 Step 4: The result

When done, we will send you the image and you can send us your feedback. If everything match your request, we continue work.

Below, you will find information about Key to Wonders (Foshan) Creative Marketing Co., LTD, a company that belongs to the Tangle Lighting and Living Group. Key to Wonders is known for being a key provider of creative marketing services for many companies. As a member of the Tangle Lighting and Living Group, Key to Wonders is able to leverage the resources and expertise of the larger organization to deliver exceptional marketing solutions to its clients. If you are in need of creative marketing services, we encourage you to consider Key to Wonders for your needs. We are confident that our team of experts will be able to help you achieve your marketing goals and drive success for your business.

Please contact Key to Wonders(Foshan) Creative Marketing Co., LTD and we will be your Key to Wonders.

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