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20 May, 2024
Tangla Lighting and Living unveils the exquisite petal paper collection
17 May, 2024
Unveiling Tangla Lighting and Living's 'melody of frost and flame' collection
09 May, 2024
LED decorative lighting cotton diabolo series
01 Apr, 2024
The exquisite petal paper collection
22 Jan, 2024
Tangla's sustainable KD linen shade collection
28 Apr, 2024
LED natural rattan decorative lighting series
16 Jan, 2024
Tangla's Eco-friendly natural wood lighting collection
09 Jan, 2024
Mesh loop pendant lamp collection minimalist circular elegance
01 Jan, 2024
Enchanted illumination with the mushroom table lamp collection
21 Nov, 2023
Level up your space with Tangla's LED new color filament bulbs
20 Nov, 2023
Naturally lit elegance with Tangla's linen lampshade series
25 Oct, 2023
Eco-elegance with Tangla's rechargeable cordless brilliance
20 Sep, 2023
Color capp illuminates your style and sustainability
22 Jul, 2023
Introducing the PET Shades Collection: Illuminate Your World Sustainably
13 Jul, 2023
Discover a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with Tangla Lighting and Living's "home office lighting" collection!
06 Jul, 2023
Transforming the E-gaming experience with innovative, vibrant, and sustainable lighting solutions
16 Jun, 2023
LED decorative lighting KD bamboo series
09 Jun, 2023
Unveiling the exquisite elegance of Tangla Lighting's folded fabric series
23 May, 2023
Discover the Tangla home office collection elevate your workspace with elegance and coziness
16 May, 2023
LED decorative lighting sea grass series from Tangla Lighting and Living